Product Redesign

There are hundreds of thousands of products on the market today which still have strong sales but where the designs are left over from the 20th century. Critical component parts are no longer available. Necessary manufacturing techniques and tooling is scarce or has become very expensive. Sage Design has developed the necessary "ReEngineering" technology to bring your 20th century products into the 21st century while maintaining form, fit and function and dramatically improving reliability and versatility while reducing costs. 

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Medical Devices

We design both medical devices and medical instrumentation.  We know what the FDA requires and also how to satisfy the special requirements of markets in Europe (the CE mark), in Japan (MOH approval) and the rest of the world. Over the years, we have developed expertise in medical device and instrumentation design including software validation, clinical trial design and implementation and FDA submission. 

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Who we are...

Sage  Design is a collaborative team of electrical and mechanical engineers, embedded software developers, optical engineers and manufacturing engineers with extensive experience in a wide array of specialties from military hardware to toys and from industrial to medical electronics. Sage Design has offices in Boston, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.  In addition to our in-house staff, we are able to draw on the vast industrial and university resources in New England, Southern California and Silicon Valley.

GenGuard - For years, Sage Design has primarily been a consulting company specializing in medical devices and redesign engineering.  Recently, the founders of Sage Design decided it was time to get back to their roots as manufacturers of their own products and have developed the GenGuard product line of generator protection devices.  See the GenGuard link above. 

Consulting - To support our client consuling team, we have experienced technicians in electrical assembly, mechanical assembly, environmental testing and printed circuit layout.

Our lab is equipped with the latest CAD tools along with full prototype assembly and test equipment.

Our in-house staff has extensive experience in both analog and digital electronics including embedded 8, 16 and 32 bit microprocessor (microcontroller) design and development.  We also have a team of industrial, mechanical, optical, robotics, coatings and micro-fluidics engineers at our disposal.

Sage Design consulting division has two core specialties...

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