Future Products - What's Next for the GenGuard Line

Initially, Sage Design will be building GenGuard (7200 Watts) and GenGuard Max (9600 Watts) but these are only the start of the GenGuard family of products. Here's a glimpse of what's on the drawing boards right now:

GenGuard Remote Display - Leave GenGuard outdoors next to your generator but be able to monitor it from the warmth of your home. Your GenGuard and the GenGuard Remote display wirelessly link together so that you can fully monitor your GenGuard and generator remotely.

GenGuard Remote Control - Add full remote control of your GenGuard from the warmth of your home. GenGuard Remote Control takes GenGuard Remote Display one step further with a bidirectional wireless link so that you can not only monitor the GenGuard unit and your generator but also have full control of all GenGuard functionality.

GenGuard Power Line Monitor - Many generator users will backfeed their homes during a major power outage. To safely do this, the user must turn off the main breaker between the home and utility power lines from the street. But how does that user know when the street power is back? That's where GenGuard Power Line Monitor comes in handy. Simply locate GenGuard Power Line Monitor close to the input power cable from the street (we provide some Velcro) and it constantly looks at the incoming line for restored street power. When public utility power is restored, it will wirelessly notify a GenGuard Remote Display or GenGuard Remote Control and alert you, the user.

GenGuard Shock Mount - Got a cell phone? Did you protect it from damage with a case? Well we offer a similar protective case to absorb that rough handling you might experience outdoors. GenGuard Shock Mount also provides a convenient hook to hang GenGuard on or near your generator.

GenGuard Cable Adapters - Most portable generators above 4 KW use the common 30A, 240V socket (L14-30R). Most, but not all. If your generator uses another plug and socket, we probably have a suitable adapter available. We are developing a line of adapter cables to meet all of your uncommon plug and socket needs.